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Theocratic Uses

Software for the Worldwide Community of Jehovah's Witnesses

The purpose of this site is to provide our brothers with software tools to facilitate our theocratic work. The software is offered free-of-charge. However, we do appreciate voluntary contributions to help us to defer the out-of-pocket expenses required to continue supporting the user community of public talk coordinators worldwide. If you would like to make a small contribution, please click the Make a Donation button.

Public Talk Scheduler - PTS 4.1

This latest version is a tremendous time-saver. This is especially so when all the congregations in an area are using the program, because it enables them to automatically share their speaker and talk outline lists with each other. Booking incoming and outgoing speakers takes only a few minutes when you have all the necessary information before you. Notifying speakers to get a confirmation is also automated if you are using an e-mail client like MS Outlook. Of course, to use the software, a public talk coodinator must first be vetted, but that process is simple enough and the software steps you through it.

The program faciliates the creation of printed talk schedules for the congregation announcement board. It will also assist schedulers in determining when any talk outline was last given so that you can ensure a good rotation of Bible topics. It can alert the scheduler when booking outgoing speakers as to the number of speakers already booked out on a given day or during a particular month. This helps to avoid overbooking.

System Requirements

The program has been designed to work on Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are supported. You can run the program as a standalone application. However, if you wish to engage in sharing data with other talk coordinators, you will need to have internet access.

Congregation Meeting Timer Ver. 2.2 Release 2

INSTALLATION ALERT: When you try to install the program, you may get a warning that this software may damage your computer. This is due to the fact that I have not purchased a certificate of authentication. Since this work is done voluntarily, I'm not in a position to go through the cost of a commercial certification process. If you have any doubts, download the file and run it through your virus checking software first.

This version contains a few minor bug fixes and will work with the latest congregation meeting scheduling arrangements!

I've improved the timer to make it easier to select various service meeting formats. The new arrangement for each meeting to be 30 minutes long has been supported in the default templates. I've also removed the 5 min. Announcements default.

As before, all meeting parts are set so that if a part goes overtime, the speaker can see the timer begin to count upward, with the display changing color from black to red. He will immediately become aware of how many minutes he is taking away from the next part. In addition, when a part goes overtime, the timer will automatically adjust the length of time assigned to the next part so that the meeting is brought back to the scheduled time.

The timer records the start time and number of minutes used for each part. There is now a convenient button to export the data to an Excel spreadsheet should the brothers wish to review the time employed by each speaker for his part.

"Since we have begun using the timer in our meetings, they have consistently ended on or before the scheduled time, and all participating speakers have expressed their appreciation since they can now concentrate on the material without having to divide their attention to figure out how much time they have remaining. The large number display instantly tells the speaker how much time he has left." -- Eric Wilson, Alliston Congregation.

The program is intended to run on all versions of Windows.